Conrad's North Idaho Forest Fire Lookouts

The Forest Fire Lookout was once the king of the mountains.  Now with satellite and aerial heat seeking technology, Lookouts are a dying breed.  Here in northern Idaho & western Montana, we're lucky enough to have a few left to enjoy and appreciate their historical significance.  These pages are dedicated to those who've served & serve still.

So far, I have Schafer Peak, Round Top, Delyle Ridge, Packsaddle, Antelope Mtn, Trestle Peak, Scotchman Peak and Bee Top Lookouts in the Clark Fork Idaho area as well as Squaw Peak just across the border. Special thanks to Gary Weber of the FFLA for many of the older pictures. Most of my older pictures were taken with my Olympus OM-1 and Olympus E-510. Pictures after 2012 taken with my Olympus OMD E-M5.
I'm proud to have grown up and live still in what I know as God's Country.

 Click map for full size Lookout locations (large - 280k)

I'm looking for any Stories, Memorabilia and Photographs of Schafer (was also called Shaffer) Peak Lookout Tower, as well as any pictures & stories of the other Lookouts I have listed - please email me at if you can help me out.

Located on every one of these peaks are Terracaches.

Terracaching is a form of geocaching, but with a few twists that I really enjoy, such as the ability to rate caches, collect "points", etc...  Terracaches tend to be a bit more "extreme" (at least in my area) than Groundspeak's caches. Plus it's a smaller community where you really get to know your fellow cachers.

Go to the TERRACACHING WEBSITE to see for yourself.


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