D-6 Cathedral
(Late 1920's)
R.H. SPRAY, April, 1995


D-6 Cathedral      I have only seen photos of this style lookout. None still exist. It seems to have been developed from the D-6 Cupola to gain more height. The living quarters cabin at the bottom was usually rectangular and had an enclosed tower/cupola on one end. Scott Mtn. on the Willamette National Forest had a Cathedral style lookout cabin.
     Related to this --- I served on two lookouts (Saddle Mtn. and Red Hill) which had the Cathedral's rectangular style cabin, but the observation cupola on one end was merely an unsheltered platform. This style is not described anywhere in the literature, but it seems to resemble a Cathedral so I have plugged it in here. It was a popular lookout style in the 1920's - early 1930's but was apparently undocumented by historians.

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