Supervisor Hall Special
(1925 to 1929)
R.H. SPRAY, April, 1995


Supervisor Hall Special      Charles C. Hall was an early Forest Supervisor on the Santiam National Forest now a part of the Willamette National Forest. The lookout design was borrowed from the California Region of the Forest Service and modified. It is a 14' x 14' frame cabin with a hip roof that is much steeper in pitch than the later Aladdin L-4. It had a band of single-pane windows all the way around the cabin which were protected in winter by shutters that raised to provide shade in the summer. I have never seen a "Special," however; it must have been an excellent lookout structure. Most lasted many, many years and gave excellent service. None still exist. It probably was the inspiration for the design and evolution of the L-4. Black Crater is the site of the only "Special" that was built on the Deschutes. Another reasonably close by was on Tidbits Mtn., Willamette National Forest.

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