Schafer Peak Fire Lookout


The Schafer Peak Lookout Tower was originally built in 1938 with an L-4 cab on a 30' pole tower. Then in the late summer of 1954 a 41' treated timber tower with L-4 cab was constructed. Located above Lake Pend Oreille in Bonner County, Idaho, it offered spectacular views of not only the lake, but the Cabinet, Selkirk & Bitterroot ranges.

My family bought it from the Forest Service in 1976 (I was 5) - This was back when they just wanted to get rid of the lookout - if we wouldn't have taken it, it would have been burned to the ground. The windows are in my house in Clark Fork, Idaho, and I also have the bed, door, firefinder stand, table, and cabinets (don't have the original "electric chair" though...). - As you can tell, Schafer is my favorite....


I'm looking for any memorabilia and photos of Schafer (was also called Shaffer) Peak lookout tower - please email me at if you can help me out.

Schafer Peak Lookout
NEW! Paul Mace's tale of manning Schafer Peak Lookout in 1953

Schafer Peak Lookout Map
Location of Schafer Peak Lookout on Lake Pend Oreille, ID
...and NO I'm not pointing out our favorite huckleberry spots!

Schafer Peak from HWY 200 - 3/26/99
3/26/00 - Schafer Peak (on the right) and Green Monarch Mtn (on the left) as seen from old HWY 200 4 miles from Clark Fork

(Schafer Peak is 120' higher than G.M.M., but the angle makes it look lower.)

Schafer Peak Lookout Furniture Page
2000 - Schafer Peak Lookout Furniture Page

Schafer Peak Lookout Firefinder Disc
2000 - Schafer Peak Lookout Firefinder Disc

Schafer Peak - 9/18/99
9/18/99 - 180 degree panoramic taken from Schafer Peak - What An awesome fall Day!!!!

Schafer Peak - 9/18/99
9/18/99 - (another) Panoramic taken from Schafer Peak

Self portrait at Schafer Peak - 9/18/99
9/18/99 - Self portrait at Schafer Peak

(only 10 sec timer on the OM-1, so I had to hustle)

Schafer Peak outhouse - 9/18/99
9/18/99 - "The 2nd most used building on the mountain" - Schafer Peak outhouse

(I'm getting permission to take a load of shingles up and repair the roof and reset the foundation - other than that, it's in pretty fine shape - didn't try it out though.)

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