Scotchman Peak Fire Lookout

The Scotchman Lookout (Idaho) was located northeast of Lake Pend Oreille (El: 7009'). Great Views of Lake Pend Oreille & Clark Fork, Idaho & far into Montana. The lookout collapsed sometime in the mid 70's. All that's left now is a pile of lumber strewed about the mountainside and a small stacked-rock storage room.  An alidade was used in 1922, then in 1926 a Cupol cabin was built - it was in ruins over the cliff in the 80's.
My Summer of 2001 hike up Scotchman was a rainy affair, as can be derived from my picutres below. The little goat was a friendly critter.
(All of my older pictures were taken with my 25 year old Olympus OM-1)


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